Haunting of Laurence Sterne

Wednesday, August 24th 2016
The curious tale of York’s distinguished local author and his encounter with the supernatural!
aurence Sterne was the renowned author of the humorous semi-biographical narrative ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’. Sterne himself departed this mortal plane in London on the eighth day of March 1768 (although no reports of his anxiously scribbling phantom have thus far been reported) However, his early years were spent in the local area and following his ordination as deacon he acted as vicar of the nearby village of Sutton-on-the-Forest and was also a prebendary of York Minster.
For a while (it seems unclear as to exactly how long) he lived down what is now the bustling hive of retail iniquity that is Stonegate, but in those halcyon pre-leisure-retail days of old it was the centre of York’s printing press trade, the first pioneering business having arrived in 1480.
The perceptive reader that I am confident you are will be pondering on the efficacy of this location for a future author, and as such will forgive a small digression from our tale of the supernatural to honour the achievement of one of York’s more notable sons.
Sterne duly took advantage of his locale in 1759 when deciding to self publish the first two parts Continue Reading