Acollection of York’s finest Ghost Stories from the excellent penmanship of Vincent Danks and copiously illustrated by the wondrous hand of Ian Forster.
For you edification and delight, the stories and legends of York are available for purchase in an eminently engaging and gratifying publication and incorporating sufficient detail to satisfy even the most meticulous of readers.
An exemplary choice of format serves to provide not only a comprehensive guide book, but moreover a guaranteed source of inspiration and gratification to the reader interested in the mysterious and compelling nature of York’s supernatural history.
Complete with a profusion of relevant local information, including a full glossary and suggestions for further reading and paranormal inspired pursuit, this is a book that you will recurrently refer to and treasure as much for its stunning artwork as its fascinating stories.
For the very reasonably priced sum of seven pounds and ninety nine pence you will receive fifty six, 8.7” x 8.7” perfect bound pages on beautiful matt satin 170gsm art paper wrapped in a 300gms gloss laminate cover and all in full colour!
For more information and to see some sample pages please visit the Haunted York page at Blue Angel Press.

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Should you be fortunate enough to live in a more exotic location than the United Kingdom, please follow the link below to purchase a copy of Haunted York with the addition of a modest shipping fee of £3.00.