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By Way of Introduction
Tcrimsonhe intention of this humble but nonetheless aspiring publication is to guide and educate the inquisitive reader in matters of the supernatural. Granted that the title of the periodical you peruse so inquiringly will afford a none too subtle indication as to the main theme of our endeavour, it would be nothing short of a gross negligence on my part to allow a misconstruction that may lead, if unchecked, to your belief in this being our sole topic of concern.
    While ghosts, poltergeists and all things of a spiritualist nature are the particular components of the otherworldly realm that so often pique our curiosity (and it would be difficult for such a thing to be avoided when one lives in Europe’s most haunted city) our intrigue is by no means limited to those themes and one will oft encounter within these pages narratives chronicling subject matter as diverse as cryptozoology, the occult, unidentified flying and submerged objects, inexplicable falls from the sky and all manner of wondrous marvels in general.
    If this is not sufficient to engage and entertain you for whatever period you find yourself idle, we also have imagined tales from the pens of our very own authors that are guaranteed to amuse and enthral you.*
    In addition, we have incorporated the regular journal of the York branch of the venerable Paranormal Club (founded in in London in 1862) which will serve to keep the perspicacious reader fully informed of current manifestations and inquiries.
    Should any aspect of your scholarly endeavour necessitate a desire to contact us there are a number of alternative methods that will facilitate such an endeavour and they can all be found in the footer area.
So, with no further ado, let me allow you to browse the content and enjoy.

ipsa scientia potestas est

George Crowquill Purkess Esq.

*Where a piece is annotated with references, even in the fictional stories, these will be genuine and will direct the reader to sources that will enable further enlightenment without fear of hoax or comic rebuke.



dividerPlease direct all enquiries, submissions and donations to the honourable members of the editorial team:
Haunted York,
1 East Mount Road,
YO24 1BD
While all conceivable endeavours are made to respond both promptly and diligently we cannot, in all good conscious, guarantee that such an undertaking will necessarily prove successful.
If such an unfortunate occurrence does happen please do not hesitate to forward any complaints to the same address.


dividerHaunted York are most keen to receive any information appertaining to not only ghostly manifestations but all matters related to the paranormal. Whether you have had an encounter with a spectre, been troubled by recurring and unexplained noises or merely seen a strange object in the sky we implore you to send all written documentation and supporting materials to the editorial address.
    Please note that although we prefer to be punctilious in our reporting of such matters, we also respect the privacy of any individuals whose fear of reprisals and ridicule may deter them from such an action. Please make it clear when submitting any supernatural narratives that you wish to remain anonymous.
    Should you desire to communicate your experiences please either write to the address previously mentioned or take advantage of the form below.


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