t is our profound intention to keep Haunted York and the Paranormal Club News as an entirely free resource. As a result, we will endeavour to raise the funds necessary to achieve this lofty aim by means that will allow an independence of commitment and an accompanying prerogative to abstain from any financial renumeration on the part of those whose limited fiscal attributes are obligated to more consequential affairs.
    However, we will strive to make available a multiplicity of vendibles intended to amuse and enrich an otherwise prosaic existence and trust that even the more modest of such items will result in a temporary suspension of the quotidian of activity that all save the most fortunate must endure.
    Our original intention of petitioning a small (or, for the more generously inclined, large) donation seemed a somewhat tawdry proposition given the gracious disposition of the publication’s founders and thus was contrived the idea of a membership. Albeit that the contribution proffered is entirely at the discretion of the noble individual there will always be a subsequent exchange of goods. Even the most humble of pledges will guarantee the arrival by post of the highly coveted Haunted York and the Paranormal Club News Membership Card. Employing the finest quality, luxury embossed linen board each membership card is beautifully adorned with the publication emblem and benefactors name. This is no ordinary membership card but a prestigious document that should be proudly displayed for the admiration and envy of all.
    Please note that although we are determined that the amount pledged is a matter for your own judgement, her Majesty’s postal service is not quite so accommodating and we must, with due contrition and a plea for understanding in this most delicate matter, add a compulsory charge of two pounds to ensure the coverage of fees imposed upon us.

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