What is Haunted York and the Paranormal Club News?

or, the book, the saga and the comic…

Haunted York and the Paranormal Club News started as a way to communicate the existence of the Haunted York book. However, as so often seems the case with creative ideas (or my inability to focus) the project has taken on a life of its own and has moved quite a way beyond its intended purpose.

This, I suspect, is entirely due to how much fun it is. Although to be fair, it’s not just a way to indulge my desire to write but is also a showcase for the development of a subsequent book and a number of additional projects currently in development.

Living in York and having a fascination with the supernatural afforded the opportunity to create the book (ably assisted by Ian Forster) a number of years ago but the promotion and selling of the publication has, so far, failed to materialise. The first print run was sold through local outlets and the second print run is, for the most part, sitting in boxes in my flat. This, I feel, is a rather wasteful situation (not to mention space consuming) and it occurred to me that if I promoted the thing online and successfully managed to garner a few sales, it would finance my ongoing and seemingly never ending quest to finish Gravestown.

What the hell is Gravestown? I hear you ask. Well, I’m glad you asked. Gravestown is a comic; a rip roaring gothic horror adventure set in a very strange place with some very strange people. Written by Roger Gibson and illustrated by myself I can’t say any more or I’ll get into trouble with Titan Publishing, who like to keep tabs on promotional activity and would also rather I was working on that project rather than Haunted York, which is fair enough but a man has to pay the bills. Now I’ve finished the ground work for the Haunted York project I have time to get on with Gravestown and also keep the promotional work going with regular posts on Haunted York and further Paranormal Club stories.

That, at least, is the plan…

Haunted York

The Haunted York part of the site contains stories that are all based on true accounts. Obviously they are not guaranteed to be genuine supernatural occurrences but they are, at least, real experiences by real people. I have also decided that they should be more than just weird tales. I would like the reader to feel that they have learned something more than just the sketchy outline of an otherworldly encounter by someone who has probably made it up or who was hallucinating. As such, each account will also contain background information and historical details that I hope will be of interest. There will also be some articles that focus on interesting aspects of York and the surrounding areas, whether there’s a paranormal aspect or not (although there usually is with York). In addition, should the thought of endless stories about York be rather daunting, there will be articles and features that focus on people and events in other parts of Britain.

On more aspect should be mentioned; in keeping with the old world nature of both York and it’s phantom inhabitants the site has a Victorian periodical theme. Hopefully the writing style and graphics will create an amusing diversion and there are also some serialised works of Victorian gothic fiction, by way of reviving the sadly demised Penny Bloods.

The Paranormal Club

First and foremost the Paranormal club is a story. A work of epistolary fiction in the form of a series of documents and a comic strip.

Inspired in part by ‘Fantastic People’, an art book by Allan scott and Michael Scott Rohan (despite an admission in Allan scott’s LinkedIn profile I still don’t believe the Bremen Transcript is made up) and the Aeon Flux publication ‘The Herodotus File’ by Mark Mars and Eric Singer, the Paranormal Club is set during the last few years of the nineteenth century, a period that at the moment appears to be a fashionable literally backdrop for all manner of story telling but for me presents the opportunity to create a spooky and gothic backdrop that is in keeping with the promotion of the Haunted York book.

There are individual stories that, much like the X-Files or Grimm, will regale the reader with self-contained tales of supernatural wonder, but will also proffer details of a back story that will develop as more stories are published.

In keeping with the Victorian theme the navigation is more like a printed publication and there are no comments but I’d love to hear from you, so if you’d like to get in touch please feel free to use to the online form or the email address; or, if you really want to get into the spirit (no pun intended) write me a letter!


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